Tips on landing for a job in a fintech start-up

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Fintech is a rapidly growing and quickly evolving space. To land a job in this booming industry, job seekers need to keep track of all the key players and stay ahead of emerging trends. Are you interested in working in fintech but are unsure about the kind of skills you need?

Here are some tips by FinTech Futures Jobs on what to consider when looking to land a job in a fintech start-up:

Knowledge is power

When applying for a role in fintech, it’s important to research the industry to get to know it inside and out. Interviewers and HR managers will want to see some knowledge and depth to your application – this will allow you to stand out. We’re not just talking about knowing the specific company, we’re talking about the industry as a whole. Talk to people who work in fintech already, watch videos and read articles about current events shaping the industry.

Think about your qualifications

We’ve all been there – you want to work in an industry, but you can’t get a job without experience… So how do you get experience? It’s a tricky issue that faces almost everyone at some point throughout their career. If you want to land a role in fintech, but you’ve had no luck getting much experience, think about other ways to show that you’re well able. What about doing an online course? Completing a fintech training course allows you to demonstrate to potential employers that you are serious about your interest in the industry.

Build your network

Fintech events are the best places to start networking. To find potential mentors and leads on job opportunities, try participating in conferences or a Start-up Open House event – mainly done virtually these days, but they can still be very beneficial. You can also build connections with fintech professionals through business social media sites such as LinkedIn. Remember, a lot of the time it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Put thought into communication

No, this isn’t exactly a tech-specific skill, but it’s one that is key to being successful in a start-up environment. Fintech start-ups are agile and usually operate under high pressure and tight deadlines. On top of being effective in your actual role, start-up business owners will value employees who display great communication and teamwork, as you will be working with different people across all positions in the company.

It’s not all about code

So you are attracted to the world of fintech, but you’re not a specialised coder or a cybersecurity wiz – and that’s okay. Fintech companies need a team of talented workers with unique skills and from diverse backgrounds to make it successful. Roles such as sales, digital marketing, business analysis, data science and HR are all essential for a strong fintech start-up; especially in regards to growth and productivity. Don’t hesitate to check out other positions in the company that more closely match your skills, as it’s an opportunity to venture into this exciting industry.

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