Triodos Bank signs ATM outsourcing contract with Cardtronics

Netherlands-based Triodos Bank has outsourced the management and operation of its Spanish ATM network to Cardtronics.

Triodos Bank has around 721,000 customers across Europe

The deal came into effect earlier in August. Cardtronics says Triodos customers can benefit from the “enhanced services”.

Mikel García-Prieto, Triodos Bank managing director, says it chose Cardtronics due to its “global expertise and strength in Spain”.

He adds: “Access to cash is very important for our customers and us. Through this partnership, we can be sure that our ATMs are being managed in the best possible way.”

Founded in 1980, Triodos Bank claims to have 721,000 customer worldwide. It operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

“This agreement with Triodos Bank will mean its customers will benefit from easier access to cash through our network of ATM machines across the country,” says Marc Terry, managing director at Cardtronics.

“The bank has trusted us with the outsourced management of its Spanish estate, leaving it free to focus on those activities that add real value for their customer base.”

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