Webinar: Accelerating growth & building resilience in corporate banking – benefits of moving to open APIs

Recent events have accelerated banks’ adoption of innovative solutions in corporate banking. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, almost three in four (72%) banks have seen an increase in the integration of corporate banking APIs.

Open banking is already improving internal corporate banking processes, workflows and product management – yet more change is set to come as banks look to adopt APIs at increasing scale, and this presents challenges to those held back by challenges with implementing APIs.

While innovation and the digitalisation of corporate banking gathers pace, institutions must find a way to stay ahead of the game to provide the best possible services for clients and adapt to change successfully.

Fintech Futures and Finastra are delighted to host our upcoming series “Accelerating growth and building resilience in corporate banking: Benefits of moving to open APIs” on 04 November at 9am GMT. Click here to register for free. 

We will discuss challenges and opportunities of moving to open APIs with:

Ruby Hinchliffe
Ruby Hinchliffe
FinTech Futures

Kiran AK
Principal Solutions Consultant, Payments

Carlos Teixeira
Global Industry Principal

Tim Tyler
Senior Industry Principal, Corporate Banking (Global)

Christopher Papathanassi
Global Solution Principal, Lending

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