Webinar: Winning over senior management with a low-code approach to digital transformation

The coronavirus crisis has led the financial services industry to expedite its digital transformation journey, which is at the crux of having a competitive advantage in 2020/21.

In fact, 56% of respondents in a recent Omdia financial services survey said their focus on digital transformation projects has increased as a result of COVID-19. But only 27% of digital managers believed they are ahead of their competition.

Staying competitive doesn’t just require digital innovation, it also requires the support of senior management to support your goals, projects and costs.

In a recent poll conducted in the “Simplifying Digital Evolution webinar” we asked participants what their biggest barrier to innovation was.

60% of those polled said it was a “lack of technical resources to deliver innovation projects”
53.3% said it was also a “lack of collaboration between IT and customer-led departments”
Join our latest discussion to learn how to tap into the knowledge of your customer-led teams to identify the key issues and come up with solutions to solve them, and embrace a culture where non-technical staff work in partnership with IT to create these business-critical apps. The session will also tell you about the technology underpinning this novel approach to innovation: low-code.

Find out why Ray Millard, Head of Business Applications, UK & International at VTB Capital found it easy to win over support from his senior management team – including the CEO – as “the proof has been in the pudding”.

In this webinar Ray will tell us about his use cases for low-code and why it made him confident to choose an in-house approach to developing applications that are driving VTB Capital forward instead of going to a consultancy, third-party, or off the shelf products.

We’ll also discuss why research shows that customers trust banks with their data more than governments and ‘Big Tech’ firms. Then most importantly, how you can protect that trust.

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