What the Fintech? Episode 14 | In these VC streets

The latest episode of the What the Fintech? podcast features Manuel Silva Martinez, general partner at Mouro Capital (formerly known as Santander Innoventures).

We analyse the consequences of HMRC’s £3.5 billion furlough payments that were sent in error and JP Morgan firing a collection of employees for illegally siphoning money from COVID-19. We also discuss what Jane Fraser’s appointment as Citigroup’s new chief executive officer (CEO) means for the industry.

Martinez shares his insight on venture capital (VC) culture and unpacks the shift from Santander Innnoventures to Mauro Capital.

Tune in to find out his three banished buzzwords in another exciting rendition of ‘Fintech Jail’!

WTF? Episode 14 | Commerce in the wake of COVID-19

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Special Guest – Manuel Silva Martinez, General partner at Mouro Capital
Hosted by – Alex Hamilton, Deputy Editor, FinTech Futures
Co-Hosted by – Sharon Kimathi, Editor, FinTech Futures

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