4 Reasons Why Microsoft Cloud Solutions Can Offer Excellent Value



Choosing a technology partner for your business is an important decision. Fortunately, there are many options. Many businesses have chosen Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

Now you may be wondering: why should I go with a big company like Microsoft? Aren’t they going to charge me an arm and a leg just so that their support center can answer my calls? Well, if that’s what you were thinking, it’s time to set those fears aside. Here are four reasons why choosing Microsoft as your cloud provider will give you the value and reliability that your employees need.

1) Customer service at scale

First and foremost: size matters. It doesn’t matter how great your customer service is if no one has any way of contacting it. That’s where Microsoft shines – They run some of the largest websites on the planet – if there’s anyone with experience running real-world customer support at scale, it’s them.

You can rest assured knowing that there is a wealth of knowledge available to help you with your technical issues – and since Microsoft cloud services are built from the ground up, you won’t have to deal with any compatibility issues.

2) Proven stability

When was the last time your company’s data center caught fire? If it hasn’t happened this year then maybe you should consider moving to the cloud. They invest heavily in making sure their infrastructure is more durable than Fort Knox – and because of their experience, they know how to do it without cutting too many corners. Microsoft’s datacenters are built on tried-and-true technology that is reliable enough for NASA, so you can be confident they’re up for the job.

Stability is very important. It’s great to have a system that scales, but it’s even better to have one that consistently performs at the same high level. With Microsoft cloud solutions, you can be certain that your system won’t go down at inopportune times.

3) Industry-leading pricing

Their datacenters are built with hundreds of thousands of servers at a time, and Microsoft Cloud Solutions is constantly looking for ways to drive costs down. It even has an underwater data center. Buying in bulk leads to massive cost savings. The company’s size gives them the advantage of being able to invest in cutting-edge technology at scale, which means you get a better price on your technology purchases. For a business, this can lead to big savings.

4) Excellent security

The last thing you want is your employees getting hacked. Microsoft has the resources to invest in every security measure possible, including military-level encryption protocols. Best of all, they’ve got world-class security specialists on staff – so if there’s any breach, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be the ones cleaning up the mess.

Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions offer excellent value because of their customer service, industry-leading pricing, and proven stability and security. Their size allows them to invest in the latest technology at a scale that no other provider can match, which translates into an unbeatable price for you. By moving your company’s data to Microsoft cloud services, you will have peace of mind knowing it is being managed by one of the most reliable providers on the market today!