What are the 5 most beautiful places in Thailand?

Thailand can be approached from two separate viewpoints, which you can pick. Thailand has been described as a land of beautiful beaches as well as ancient temples and monasteries.

If you like travelling, there is a strong possibility that you can love Thailand’s paradise, which provides you with an intense new environment

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The five most spectacular places in Thailand that you really cannot afford to miss on this holiday are as follows:

1 Bangkok

Wat Pho in Bangkok is
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S&P Heads Higher for 4th Month in a Row

The S&P 500 climbed slightly on Friday to close its fourth straight positive month amid growing optimism over the U.S. economic recovery.

The Dow Jones Industrials amassed 64.81 points to end the day and the week to 34,529.45.

The S&P 500 added 3.23 points to 4,204.11.

The NASDAQ stayed in the green 12.46 points to 13,748.74.

The blue-chip Dow took on 0.9{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} and the S&P 500 advanced 1.2{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} this week, both breaking a two-week losing streak. The NASDAQ rose 2.1{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} to post its best weekly performance since April 9.

For the month of May, the 30-stock Dow gained 1.9{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} and the S&P 500 jumped 0.6{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, posting their fourth up months in a row. The tech-heavy NASDAQ, however, suffered a 1.5{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} loss this month for its first negative month in seven.

Markets in the U.S. will be closed Monday for Memorial Day

Salesforce shares popped more than 5{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} Friday after the … Read the rest

Climate change raises asset risks for banks in Asia-Pacific

Climate change and related government policies expose Asia-Pacific banks to physical climate risks, as well as risks that stem from sudden changes in asset values as economic priorities shift, according to Moody’s Investors Service in a new report.

New standards and regulations will increase compliance costs for banks, while engaging in or facilitating activities with a significant negative environmental impact can inflict reputational damage on banks and tarnish their brands.

“Asia-Pacific economies with weak infrastructure are particularly vulnerable to physical climate risks, which can hurt banks’ asset quality because a natural disaster can damage borrowers’ assets or disrupt their cash flow. Many banks in the region also face asset risks from large exposures to sectors susceptible to carbon transition risks,”

Alka Anbarasu, a Moody’s Vice President and Senior Credit Officer

In addition, legal and reputational risks are increasing for banks in Asia-Pacific as governments advance guidelines and regulations for sustainable … Read the rest

TSX Goes Skyward Again, to another All-Time High

Stocks in Toronto capped off a brilliant, if short, week with another strong performance on Friday, propelled by health-care and resource issues.

The TSX muscled higher 77.77 points to conclude Friday at 19,852.18, yet another all-time high. On the week, the gain was nearly 325 points, or 1.7{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}.

The Canadian dollar subtracted 0.03 cents to 82.81 cents U.S.

Health-care stocks pulled more than their fair share of the weight, with Cronos Group stronger by $1.03, or 10.9{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, to $10.45.

Organigram Holdings tallied 20 cents, or 5.7{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, to $3.70.

In the gold patch, Sandstorm Gold hiked 33 cents, or 3.2{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, to $10.55, while Barrick Gold shone 90 cents, or 3.2{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, to $29.13.

In the communications sector, AcuityAd Holdings surged 48 cents, or 3.8{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, to $13.25, while Corus Entertainment collected 14 cents, or 2.4{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}, to $6.10.

Only utilities found their end of the boat sinking, with Northland Power down 89 cents, or … Read the rest

Latest Covid-19 News in Southeast Asia

Singapore remains far and away the most vaccinated country in Southeast Asia, with nearly 30 percent of residents having received both doses. But the city-state has also seen an aggressive rise in local cases in recent weeks.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies reluctantly announced on May 20 that its marquee event in Singapore, the Shangri-La Dialogue, would be cancelled for the second year in a row due to the worsening Covid-19 situation in the region. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was one of several high profile defense officials set to attend the annual event, which was to take place the first week of June.

Singapore: stricter border screenings and quarantine requirements

This followed the recent cancellations of the World Economic Forum, also set to take place in the city-state, and the Singapore Open, a world renowned badminton tournament. These decisions reflect a grim reality in Southeast Asia: the pandemic is worsening just as nascent vaccine rollouts … Read the rest

Jobs Numbers Propel Dow Higher

U.S. stocks climbed on Thursday as investors cheered stronger-than-expected labour-market data.

The Dow Jones Industrials came off its peaks of the day, but remained positive 141.59 points to 34,464.64.

The S&P 500 added 4.89 points to 4,200.88.

The NASDAQ gave up earlier gains and edged down 1.72 points to 13,736.28.

Shares of Boeing advanced 3.9{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} on optimism about an economic recovery.

Gains for the overall market were capped however, as investors lightened up on technology shares as they rotated into cyclical stocks. Microsoft, Netflix, Alphabet and Apple all registered losses.

Snowflake shares fell 4{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} after the data-analytics software company reported widening losses. Nvidia’s stock dipped slightly even after the chip giant’s earnings and sales for the first quarter both beat Wall Street expectations. Its revenue grew 88{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} compared to last year.

Meme stocks, which have jumped this week amid a resurgence in speculative trading, turned higher again on Thursday. GameStop … Read the rest

Thailand’s Economic Recovery Delayed By Covid-19 Outbreak

Thailand’s economic recovery is set to be delayed by a surge in Covid-19 cases and renewed lockdown measures in April and May.

Thailand’s economy has been gradually recovering from the pandemic shock in H120, on the back of fiscal stimulus and a relaxing of domestic mobility restrictions, growing 0.2{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} q-o-q in Q121. Indeed, we expected the economic output to only recover to its pre-pandemic level by 2022, following the 6.1{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} contraction in 2020.

However, with the economy facing an aggressive rise in Covid-19 cases once again (see chart below) and policymakers tightening restrictions on activities, we believe the recovery will face a setback. Officials have forced the closure of restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues, with the severity of measures differing among provinces and varying in lengths of duration.

While not as severe as measures imposed a year prior, the disruptions will send economic activity into contraction once again … Read the rest

Happy 125th, Dow Jones

U.S. stocks rose slightly on Wednesday as shares tied to the economic reopening supported the broader market once again.

The Dow Jones Industrials finished the day but 10.26 points over the breakeven point to 34,322.72.

The S&P 500 added 7.86 points to 4,195.99.

The NASDAQ gained 80.82 points to 13,738.

Shares of companies linked to a recovering economy gained. Carnival Corp rose 2.8{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}. Royal Caribbean jumped 3.9{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} and brought its gain this week to over 11{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} after the cruise line operator received approval to begin test cruises with volunteer passengers.

Shares of Ford rose more than 8{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} after the automobile giant said it is increasing its investment in electric vehicles to $30 billion through 2025.

The optimism on the economy comes as U.S. average daily COVID cases fall below 25,000 and as nearly half the U.S. population has received at least one vaccination dose.

Bitcoin continued its comeback, helping risk … Read the rest

Stocks Stagger by Close

U.S. stocks wiped out earlier gains and finished Tuesday’s session lower as the market struggled for a direction.

The Dow Jones Industrials shed earlier gains and lost 81.52 points to end Tuesday at 34,312.46.

The S&P 500 fell 8.92 points to 4,188.13, dragged by the energy sector.

The NASDAQ ducked four points to 13,657.17.

Big Tech shares Apple and Netflix both erased an earlier advance and dipped into negative territory. Amazon shares came under pressure after Washington, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine said he’s suing the e-commerce giant on antitrust grounds.

He alleged Amazon’s practices have unfairly raised prices for consumers and suppressed innovation. But shares eventually rose 0.4{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} on the day.

Airlines and cruise lines provided the broader market with some support. United Airlines jumped 1.5{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} after the carrier said yields on domestic leisure tickets purchased this month topped 2019 levels amid the reopening. Boeing also gained 1.4{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8}. Norwegian … Read the rest

Cryptocurrencies Attempt To Rebound After Plunging Over The Weekend

The wild ride for cryptocurrencies continues.

The cryptocurrency market edged higher in pre-market trading Monday (May 24) after plunging over the weekend. The price of Bitcoin was near $37,000 U.S. early on Monday after plummeting to less than $32,000 U.S. on Sunday.

Bitcoin was up 8{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} at $36,764.83 U.S. Monday morning, according to CoinDesk, which put the market capitalization of the world’s largest digital coin at $686 billion U.S..

Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, rose from less than $1,800 U.S. on Sunday to over $2,300 U.S. in pre-market trading on Monday. Ethereum has risen 14{144f68ac4ecc1edec14c4f3869e0ee83d6cd3317dcfb7aededc0da78b8f74bc8} in less than 24 hours and now has a market capitalization of around $266 billion U.S., according to CoinDesk.

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin also showed signs of recovery, with its price rising from 24 cents U.S. on Sunday to 33 cents U.S. on Monday.

Last week’s broad sell-off in cryptocurrencies came after authorities in China and … Read the rest