'Carbon savings' from Covid-19 lockdown halve within weeks

Greenhouse gas emissions from energy and transport sectors climb as more people return to work

The UK’s carbon emissions have begun to rebound following the easing of Covid-19 lockdown measures, causing the ‘carbon savings’ triggered by the coronavirus to halve within weeks.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy and transport industries climbed last month as more people returned to work, raising demand for fossil fuels from record lows in April when strict lockdown measures were in place, according to new data.

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COVID-19 analytics: the lesson for those involved in policy management

Contemporary government policy interventions are increasingly defined by data, indicators, and metrics.

Furthermore, data-driven ‘radical incrementalism’ methodologies devised by the now independent UK government Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) have been successfully used worldwide.

BIT’s usual process is to create several policy variants, test them, and then selecting the best option. This is a luxury that we can’t afford in a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet what we can do is compare the progress and outcomes of different policies adopted by choices across different countries in the hope of learning to  improve the outcomes.

The following extract below from UK government coronavirus briefing slides is attempting to do just that.

But can you see what’s wrong with this picture? A close analysis reveals that it has a number of major flaws.

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Five Star is latest bank to shutter branches amid decline in foot traffic

The Warsaw, N.Y., bank said it will close 10{fde03d2f1c3ee029f0b86461a3e50e9d647f04138057fbe6f119870871f02d29} of its branches and lay off 6{fde03d2f1c3ee029f0b86461a3e50e9d647f04138057fbe6f119870871f02d29} of its staff in response to customers’ growing preference for remote banking.

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UK travellers warned of surge in covid compensation scams for flight refunds

As one firm faces criminal prosecution, air passengers are urged to be wary of Covid-19 refund offers

A claims management firm that targets airline passengers is facing criminal prosecution– just as this year’s holidaymakers are being warned of a surge in compensation scams during the coronavirus pandemic.

Flight Delay Claims Team (FDCT) and its officers, Martin, Naomi and Joseph Ryan, are to stand trial in January charged with fraudulent trading following a three-year investigation by Northamptonshire trading standards.

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Check Out This Treasure Trove of Stock Graphics and Visual Assets

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Webinar: The bottom line – simplifying digital evolution in financial services

Simplifying digital evolution in financial services

90{fde03d2f1c3ee029f0b86461a3e50e9d647f04138057fbe6f119870871f02d29} of IT leaders in financial services believe their firm will need to invest in digital projects just to survive the rapidly changing market. Today, digitalisation is not only an important strategic development, it’s a fight for survival.

While this provides a new direction for the industry, the reality is that IT leaders and developers in financial services face myriad challenges in the post-digital world – from outdated infrastructure that no longer suits the needs of a remote workforce to evolving customer expectations for mobile banking or artificial intelligence (AI) enabled trading, or even simply maintaining compliance as regulations change and penalties for breaches increase.

Leadership wants innovation and it wants it now – both for internal processes and customer-facing applications. To respond to this, the IT team needs more modern systems, tools and processes that make perpetual innovation possible.

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Wells Fargo extends insider trader restrictions to more employees

Some 3,400 additional staffers in the treasury management group will be required to get pre-clearance before making trades. The policy change was driven in part by increased regulatory scrutiny, the bank said.

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130 high-profile Twitter accounts targeted in hacking attack

Social network investigating whether users’ private data was compromised

More than a hundred high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked, the social network confirmed, as fresh evidence emerged linking the attack to a small group of petty hackers.

One hundred and 30 accounts were affected in the unprecedented attack, Twitter said in a statement on Friday morning, adding that “for a small subset of these accounts, the attackers were able to gain control of the accounts and then send Tweets from those accounts”.

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5 Ways to Keep Moving Ahead After a Rejected Pitch

It’s easy to dwell on the negative experience and walk away, but you may be leaving a future deal on the table.

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