Luner announces agreement with Sierra Wireless as the first Luner hardware partner

Luner announces agreement with Sierra Wireless as the first Luner hardware partner

Luner, the technology agnostic, self-service IoT connectivity platform for IoT developers and SMEs has today launched its IoT Marketplace, providing a complete one-stop-shop for developers looking to get their IoT projects off the ground.

The Luner Marketplace will provide a growing selection of IoT hardware and related products for the development of end-to-end IoT solutions.

The first hardware partner to offer its devices via the Luner Marketplace is Sierra Wireless, the global leader in IoT solutions. Luner is offering the AirLink® range of cellular routers and gateways designed for IoT and enterprise applications. These include the AirLink® RV55; a rugged, compact, LTE-A Pro router, designed to connect critical remote assets, infrastructure and vehicles, the AirLink® RV50X; the industry’s lowest power consuming LTE-advanced gateway and the AirLink® LX40 and LX60 LTE-M (global) and Cat 4 (EMEA) range designed for commercial and enterprise LTE applications such as IP cameras, security, Point-of-Sale (PoS) … Read the rest

IoT And The Healthcare Revolution

IoT And The Healthcare Revolution

IoT and healthcare is not a new concept, and it has been slowly finding its place in our healthcare system for years. One of the contributing factors in slowing the revolution has been the patient.

The very person it is aimed at helping. Shifting the role of medical providers from person to digital format is often met with some skepticism from patients, fearing a loss in the personable and human interaction medicine has historically had. The idea of a video call or virtual meeting with your doctor 18 months ago would have been unthinkable for many. How could a physician possibly diagnose a photo or treat an ailment through a screen? Covid-19 backed everyone into a corner and forced physicians to re-think and re-model their patient care. More importantly, perhaps, it forced patients into accepting a new age of treatment and consequently, and indirectly, facilitated the advancement of IoT in … Read the rest

Quectel adds extensive antennas portfolio to IoT product range

Quectel adds extensive antennas portfolio to IoT product range

Quectel Wireless Solutions, the leading global supplier of IoT modules, has unveiled its new range of antennas for IoT devices.

Featuring more than 250 antenna options for both embedded and external products, the Quectel antenna range is comprehensive, offering optimal solutions for all types of IoT device deployments.

Quectel is adding its market leading IoT module portfolio and expertise to its range of antennas so customers can take advantage of its huge engineering resources and buy antennas as well as modules. Integrating antennas with IoT modules into IoT devices, which are often space-constrained and affected by location in devices that limits signal propagation or shortens battery life, is a common challenge for IoT device makers. To streamline development and enable optimized integration of embedded antennas, Quectel has assembled a wide range of antennas and modules and offers support to design and integrate antennas into customers’ solutions and devices.

In addition … Read the rest

Why IoT doesn’t have to be complex

Why IoT doesn’t have to be complex

By Johan Jonzon, CMO and co-founder of Crosser.

How IoT buzzwords are hampering technology’s potential

In the words of American author and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, “complexity is the enemy of execution”. Translating even the most complicated of topics into clear, understandable language is vital to getting things done. Leading low-code platform for streaming analytics, automation and integration for the industrial IoT, Crosser, is designed with this philosophy in mind. Here, Johan Jonzon explains why the company battles against IoT buzzwords.

Industrial IoT projects are complex engagements. OT (Operational Technologies), IT and Data Science businesses are working together on the same projects, adding buzzwords, abbreviations and technical terminology to the jargon. All, of course, with the same goal — but different angles, meanings and preunderstandings.

Academic research around the use of science and technology jargon indicates that it impairs a person’s ability to process scientific information, which can result … Read the rest

FIDO Alliance Creates New Onboarding Standard To Secure Internet of Things (IoT)

FIDO Alliance Creates New Onboarding Standard To Secure Internet of Things (IoT)

Secure ‘Plug-and-Play’ Functionality Unlocks Potential of IoT for Industrial Use.

The FIDO Alliance today announced the launch of the FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) protocol, a new, open IoT standard that enables devices to simply and securely onboard to cloud and on-premise management platforms.

Through this standard, the FIDO Alliance addresses challenges of security, cost and complexity tied to IoT device deployment at scale.

FIDO Device Onboard furthers the fundamental vision of the Alliance, which has brought together 250+ of the most influential and innovative companies and government agencies from around the world to address cyber security in order to eliminate data breaches, and enable secure online experiences.

IDC expects the IoT market to maintain a double-digit annual growth rate and surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2022. Despite this projected growth, a recent survey of both providers and enterprise users, has found a majority of businesses have serious concerns about … Read the rest

Sierra Wireless introduces its new XR Series of multi-network 5G routers

Sierra Wireless introduces its new XR Series of multi-network 5G routers

XR Series Solutions architected for mission and business-critical applications that require 5G performance and end-to-end security.

Sierra Wireless, today launched the next evolution in market leading routers with its new XR Series of multi-network 5G routers.

In addition to the previously launched world’s first multi-network MG90 5G vehicle router, the first two routers in the XR Series, the XR90 and the XR80, enable customers to leverage the higher data speeds and lower latency of 5G, required for real-time video streaming and voice communications in mission-critical environments and high performance business-critical 5G applications. The XR Series delivers the full performance of 5G across any network (5G, Wi-Fi 6, Ethernet) whether used for mobile applications or primary, temporary, or backup fixed wireless connectivity.

“The performance, capability and reliability of the XR Series complements our award-winning network, and it’s been great to see the positive feedback from our customers who are trialling the Read the rest

Jeeva Claims World’s Lowest Power Wireless Chip for IoT

Jeeva Claims World's Lowest Power Wireless Chip for IoT

Jeeva today announced the world’s lowest power wireless chip for streaming real-time sensor data.

Jeeva’s Parsair™ chip consumes 100 times less power than typical Bluetooth and enables many novel use cases previously out of reach due to cost, size and power constraints.

The low power nature of this new wireless chip can enable densely deployed sensors to communicate at unprecedented scale.

As the demand for “connected things” continues to grow exponentially, low-power radio and battery technologies have failed to keep up with large scale of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

Scott Bright, CEO of Jeeva, said:

“Until now, devices could continuously stream wireless data, rapidly draining their batteries, or could transmit data intermittently to try and stretch battery life. Parsair™ makes it possible to truly stream data without draining the battery, which will be game-changing for a lot of different industries and applications.”

Jeeva’s Parsair™ chip achieves this breakthrough capability … Read the rest

Quectel announces Marelli collaboration and deals to supply European automotive OEMs

Quectel announces Marelli collaboration and deals to supply European automotive OEMs

Quectel Wireless Solutions, the leading global supplier of IoT and automotive communication modules, has announced it has been collaborating with Marelli, one of the world’s leading global independent suppliers to the automotive sector, on a broad range of projects over the last five years.

During this fruitful co-operation, Quectel has supported Marelli’s migration from its existing network access device (NAD and this was followed by important business awarded to Marelli by two European automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) which use Quectel’s AG35 LTE-NAD. The first of these will achieve start of production (SOP) this year.

In addition, Marelli and Quectel have established a joint basis to advance further work in progress on 5G and cellular vehicle-to-x (CV2X) platforms. The two companies’ broad collaboration has seen them work together on many projects in the automotive industry, including enablement of evolved LTE connectivity utilizing the Quectel AG520R and AG55xQ platforms. The relationship, … Read the rest

The Economy, Credit And Trickle Down Economics (The Ripple Effect)

In this profession, it is very critical to handle their emotional and behavioral concerns as complemented by their problems of physical and mental health.

economy of scale

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business’ way of staying in touch with new and existing customers in order to maintain strong relationships and to ensure repeat business. While some schools and community organizations may offer training for parents of school-aged children or parenting, schools typically do not provide parents with professional development and instead rely on career development to enhance learner education. Professional learning is most effective when it comes to the day-to-day work of teachers. When learning is part of the school day, all teachers are participating in development rather than learning to be confined to those who volunteer to participate on their own. School-based professional development helps educators evaluate learner performance data during the school year so that learning challenges … Read the rest

How to fight Data Privacy challenges while building an IoT solution?

How to fight Data Privacy challenges while building an IoT solution?
The digital world that we live in today is built up of blocks of data. It is found that around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated by day across the world. This count would only keep increasing. With massive amounts of data being collected, the concerns about maintaining the collected data in a secure manner take the main stage.

With IoT, there are various connected devices in the network that connect and communicate with each other. Any vulnerability in any one of the many connected devices might compromise the entire network. Some of the major data privacy challenges associated with IoT solutions are as follows.

Common IoT security and privacy challenges

IoT, being a network of connected devices, includes various components which make up the network. This increases the chances for hackers to access the network if the network is prone to vulnerabilities. Some of the common IoT … Read the rest