Firm introduces solution to aid business growth | The Guardian Nigeria News

Softcom Limited, a technology solution provider, has introduced its new line of solution “X”, an ecosystem of tools and initiatives that will empower entrepreneurs and business owners to sell better, identify people, control their money, and at the same time, make better growth decisions.

Speaking at the pre-launch of the product tagged: ‘Unveiling X’ in Lagos at the weekend, the Chief Executive Officer, Softcom X, Yomi Adedeji, said the product is a concept that will bring answers and solutions to problems affecting millions of Africans.

He added that the product is made available to people from the different sectors including tech, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and retail.

Adedeji said the company’s products will enable people and businesses to address the need to exchange value, know and acquire information and help to identify people.

“We identified three common barriers to growth; such as exclusion, which is simply a lack of equitable access. People can’t access what they need, when they need it and even in cases where they can, what they access is inadequate.

“The second is fragmentation. As it is now, a person who wants financial freedom needs several tools: one to receive money, another to save, another to borrow and so on. For someone who does business, they need multiple services to accept payment from customers as no one service provides a means to receive and manage payments online as well as card, cash and bank transfer payments. There are too many options and this can get confusing because they are all disunited.

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