Lebanon, Mo. business owner charged with sodomizing a child, tampering with a witness

LEBANON, Mo. (KY3) – A Lebanon man is charged with sodomizing a child in the second-degree and tampering with a witness.

Authorities arrested Marcus Hill. Hill is being held without bond in the Laclede County Jail. He is a ten-time convicted felon in Missouri.

Investigators say a woman stated after turning 14-years-old, sexual contact between her and Hill would happen two-to-three times a week. Investigators say Hill would say she is meeting him to do chores and have the other adults that were around go run errands.

When police arrived at the home to discuss this with the parents, police were told Hill had tried to get the child to leave with him, according to investigators. They say Hill was trying to intimidate her.

Investigators say Hill would take the girl and her brothers to do donuts in the car, and leave the brothers. Investigators say he would rape her while she was in the car. They also say someone saw Hill raping the girl and tried to chase him, but Hill out ran them.

If you have any information about this, you are asked to contact the Laclede County Sheriff Department at 417-532-2311.

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