Live webinar: The role of digital identity in a physically distanced world

The global pandemic brings the need for effective digital identity as physical distancing measures are imposed worldwide.

Remote access to financial services is more in demand than ever, however there are a wide range of risks when engaging with consumers in a faceless environment. In this free webinar, Rahim Kaba from OneSpan and Ignacio Del Castillo from Veridas will discuss novel approaches to digital identity verification to securely onboard and engage with consumers – and at a distance.

Discussion topics include:

  • Modern approaches to fulfil know your customer (KYC) requirements;
  • Strategies to reduce abandonment during account opening & onboarding;
  • Using ID document verification and facial biometrics to combat new account opening fraud.

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Rahim Kaba
VP Product Marketing, OneSpan

Rahim is a passionate and results-driven digital technology leader who has played a key role in advancing digitisation initiatives at banks, insurance companies, and government organisations around the world. As VP Product Marketing at OneSpan, he leads the go-to-market strategy of the company’s growing portfolio of digital identity and anti-fraud solutions.

Throughout his 15+ year career, Rahim has been motivated by building great businesses through a deep understanding of the market, and finding new and innovative ways to address customer challenges using technology.

Ignacio Del Castillo
Strategic Partnerships and Product Strategy, Veridas

Ignacio is a mechanical engineer with an early career in manufacturing leading international projects.

After his MBA in Cranfield University Ignacio had the chance to leverage his lean manufacturing and process improvement experience in the financial services industry with Deutsche bank first and then HSBC, becoming the Global Electronic Signature Product Manager in commercial banking. With more than eight years experience in financial services based in London, Ignacio has gained a valuable insight of back office operations and customer engagements.

He has recently joined Veridas to lead the partnerships ecosystem in a constant pursuit of a fully digital and real-time processing customer experience. Veridas in alignment with its partners is revolutionising user identification and authentication processes with its machine learning solutions, removing the need for physical or even remote interaction with an agent and replacing existing controls based on passwords/tokens for good.

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